Let your visitors to submit free entries into for a chance to win the prize that you give away.
Generate leads by creating forms for any purpose: Questionnaires, Feedback, Registration forms
Create your own trivia test with company-related multiple choice questions.
Post your coupons on your Fan Pages to reach potential customers and increase sales.
Bring a bit more fun for your users by your brand quizzes and get attention.
ZoomZio™ will help you
  • Bring Your Brand on Facebook
  • Create Buzz
  • Generate Viral Content
  • Reach Growing Number of Active Users
  • Harvest Social Relationship
  • Attract massive amounts of traffic
  • Create user participation
Why to create a Facebook Campaign?
Bring a brand on Facebook
By building your own campaigns on your Facebook FanPages, you can bring your brand on Facebook which enables you to easily get attention and build a massive amount of long term, natural social media traffic and harvest social relationships. Read More
Create Buzz
You can reach large and growing number of active users on your Facebook Fan Pages by using several kinds of applications; including web forms, gifts, contests, quizzes, coupons, and more.. Using social media marketing tools effectively will allow your company to create user participation and viral content. Read More
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