Campaign Types

Launch Sweepstakes Application for giving away prizes by drawings of chance. You can create the entry form; add custom pictures/graphics; determine eligibility criteria, duration of campaign and the prize; and download entry data of participants. With Sweepstakes application, you can generate enthusiasm and provide incentive reactions among customers by enticing them to submit free entries for drawings. Sweeptakes with large grand prizes tend to attract more entries regardless of the odds of winning.
Give away Coupons on your Facebook Fan Pages and take advantage of this effective method for marketing. Coupons are one of the best ways to make important connections with potential customers, introduce new products, increase brand awareness and loyalty. Our Coupon Application gives you the opportunity to publish your own designed coupons, input unique discount codes compatible with your website, create the entry form, send notifications to participants and download entry data.
Web Forms
Build a Web Form for your Facebook Fan Pages. Our application allows you to create custom forms by defining the information you need about your list members. That gives the advantage of gathering pertinent information about your list members’ wants, needs and preferences.
Trivia Tests and Quizzes
Create your own trivia tests and quizzes with multiple choice questions. With Triva tests and quizzes, you can create a word-of mouth, reach large and growing number of active users. It makes fun for your users while you are gaining popularity, building awareness of your company by more and more people.


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