Why to create Facebook campaigns?

Facebook applications are now the most powerful tool of Social Media Marketing to promote your website or business and create buzz! By building your own campaigns on your Facebook FanPages, you can bring your brand on Facebook which enables you to easily get attention and build a massive amount of long term, natural social media traffic and harvest social relationships. It's also a very effective way of attracting links to your site.
People trust and like reading the user comments and reviews. You can generate a platform for that by using Facebook Fan Pages and applications. In that platform users can join the discussions, and make comments about your website, products or business. You can also lead the conversation with your target audience.
Facebook Applications also create viral content which helps you to reach more people. Viral content is a wonderful and important way when you’re looking for attention and traffic. You will achieve it when people tell each other, share your links, or suggest your page to their friends. With Facebook applications there are several ways to create viral content.
When your users submit an entry, enter a quiz or sweepstake, vote, write a comment, download a coupon etc., their friends can read about your campaign or brand name from the notifications or the newsfeeds. Your users can share the application, the results of a quiz/trivia, or coupons on their own profile pages.For all of the applications there is also an option for your users to suggest the application to friends. So that by sending invitations your campaign will be reached by a large and growing number of active users.


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